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Build Your Empire University
2 min readSep 1, 2022
build your empire univeristy

This is not just another online marketing training platform where you get access to a handful of generic videos with absolutely no support. There are hundreds of courses like that are everywhere right now and frankly, there are also way too many fake gurus, and online career coaches selling courses about things they aren’t actually evening doing themselves! Everything we teach here, we implement day in and day out in our own businesses!
Now, before we tell you more about Build Your Empire (BYE) University let me tell you a true story about what really pushed us to creating this platform in the first place. Every day we both recieve messages on social media from people asking for help and we’ve been seeing more and more people starting something but not being able to gain any real traction.

For them to progress, it felt like people were just stack selling them more and more telling them it’s what they needed.
So after seeing 30+ different people with very similar stories we decided that we needed to launch BYE University, so people could learn from someone who actually does this for a living.

BYE University students get access to 100+ detailed video lessons. New videos are added on a regular basis and there is an unmatched level of personal 1 to 1 attention throughout.

You will join a community of hundreds of people just like yourself. We also have weekly training calls and Q&A’s to help you throughout every step of starting an online career!
We’re the only platform giving this much value for just $1!

Our Simple 3 Step Process

Our straightforward process makes it easy to try out, and irresistible to leave.
Step One
Get A $1 All Access Trial
Get all access to our entire online training platform from the start. No hidden fees, or unlocked features. You get all access. After 7 days you will then be charged $99 A Month. Cancel anytime
Step Two
Watch The Training Modules &
Step-By-Step Videos
Our easy to to use video system will take you through all you need to know about starting online, and show you behind the scenes of the best selling offer we have ever seen and you get full access to it!
Step Three
Book A Free Call With Your Coach To Get Started
You’ll be guided and coached in our community. We want you to succeed at the highest level so we want to help you. We show you exactly whats working for us right now!
Ps. You will be joining thousands of people that took the leap of faith to get started and ditch the 9–5 and replace it with an online income allowing you much more freedom.



Build Your Empire University

The Build Your Empire University is the all in one platform suitable for complete novices to experts to learn how to create a legitimate online career.